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Sorry for the late post! Dojo Tricking Vol. 7

This week’s session. My 540’s have seriously improved. Shout-outs to http://tricksession.com!

I’ve been watching a lot of old school tricking videos on Locketricks’ channel. This one video featuring Peter Yang, Chris Devera and Brian Go changed the way I think about double legs. I’m going to attack them this week at the gym hopefully. I’ll keep this site updated on my progress. Here’s the video in question.

Thanks for checking out this blog!

Peace OUTside

P. S.: Backflips are progressing really well. The next update I post will be on the floor. Round offs are starting to make more sense as well! Not to mention since the start of this year my conditioning has gone up several levels! 2012 is going to be my year for tricking. I had a dream this morning that I landed a cork and a shuriken twist! LMAO. Alright I’m gone.


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