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Yeah! This can lead to better things ahead.

Peace OUTside


AE86: Done

As of this morning. This car is done. Will I model the pop up headlights? When the mood strikes me, but right now this car is finished and I will be focusing on rendering and a new project to be named soon a long with some other announcements.  Thank you for keeping up with this project all this time!

Peace OUTside

Edit: The portfolio has been updated!

AE86: A slightly better studio

Let me know what you think!

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AE86: Studio Render Attempt

Let me know what you think. Really simple setup.



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AE86: Almost…!

So yeah, um, I’m about to FINISH a 3d car project. DOPENESS. Here’s some more outdoor renders. I’m thinking of trying some studio renders, when the car is complete. Now I just need to tighten up some edges on the front bumper, and model some lightbulbs. And we’re done. I’m so happy.

Thank you for your support!

Peace OUTside

AE86: Not Much Left!

Yup. Just need to add some light bulbs. and a decent material for the windows (and keyholes). And I think I’ll be done. Wow. Check out these lame outdoor renders.

Peace OUTside

Thank you for your continued support.

AE86: Nother Render

Just a lil render before I finish the front signal lights.





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AE86: Partial Render

I just wanted to see what the lights would look like. Whatchoo think?



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AE86: Tail Light Re-Model Update & Other News

Tweaked the casing after finding some better references I think it looks good! What do you think?

In other news: Tuss4 Dzigns is going to be moving soon! Stay tuned.

Peace OUTside

AE86: Light Progress?

Yeah, but then I found better references. Check it out anyway:


Peace OUTside

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