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We’re Moving

Happy New Year, everyone!

I just want you to know that Tuss4 Dzgins will be moving very soon to *drum roll* http://tuss4dzigns.com. So start updating your bookmarks!

Peace OUTside

Here’s to an awesome start to 2013!


Told you I would deliver!!

On the tumble track!

Also, core i7 3770k, is now in my position. ETA until the best desktop is complete? I’d say a month! Stay tuned, and thank you for following!

Updates on the Way

Round Off back tucks coming THIS WEEK on the tumble track stay tuned. Also, I’m very close to completing my 2012 beast machine desktop. What will that mean? Back to THREE DEEEEEEEE!!!


Peace OUTside

Happy New Year!

It’s 2012!!!

Slight update on the 350z door interior

been busy with work, but here’s some detailing on the inner door. The interior is almost ready for me to collapse and start on the driver’s side!

Peace OUTside

Uh shuh whuh whuh whuuuuu?

More updates while on vacation yo! Check it, more updates to come! And yes I’m on vacation.

Peace OUTside

Some more progress

Giggle gerk. Ahee hee.

And you might say “But, Tuss, why have there been no tricking videos as of late?” That’s because my cellphone is  on the fritz and I need to invent in a camera!

So until next time,

Peace OUT

EDIT 07/01/11:

This Week’s Footage Is Brought To You By Failure

Here’s this week’s footage. Enjoy…

Can you tell I’ve been playing around with Premier and After Effects.

Peace OUT


Keep on Praying for Japan!

Japan still needs prayer and help! Help out by helping the Red Cross.

Here’s some YouTube vids: this week’s footage and me playing around with some VideoCopilot.net tutorials.

Peace OUT, and stay strong Japan!

Eight Point Nine Magnitude Wreaks Havok on Japan

I’m sure by now everyone has seen footage of the earthquake and tsunamis that hit Japan. I pray  for the Japanese people. YouTube is doing a good job of getting coverage:


Also I’ve got some footage from this week’s session out, but I think we should focus on Japan just go to my channel to see it (links are in the menu and sidebar).

Stay strong Japan!


Edit: I believe the Red Cross is already accepting donations!

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