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Tricking: XD

It’s still progress… yes? no? ok…

Peace OUTside



Peace OUTside


Just watch:

Thank you for your patience!

Peace OUTside







Cheat 9 Combo

YESSSSSSSSSSS! Don’t worry I’ve got some 3d stuff coming up for you guys soon as well. I’m not posting any backflip footage until I’ve got it solid.


Peace OUTside

Windy City Tricker Training

Finally training with one of my long lost homies. We haven’t seen each other in 2-3 years! Also gyms are very hot during  the summer, so um stay hydrated or you will gas out earlier than planned!

Peace OUTside

Training with a side of Goofy

Just some footy from this week. Special guest appearance by the lil sis.  I’m finally throwing a somewhat proper cheat 7.

Peace OUTside

Told you I would deliver!!

On the tumble track!

Also, core i7 3770k, is now in my position. ETA until the best desktop is complete? I’d say a month! Stay tuned, and thank you for following!

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