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AE86: Car Status

Here’s what the car is looking like so far. Still plenty of tweaks to go, but I’m seeing the finish line!

Peace OUTside



Will there be a side wall? Meh…

Let’s finish up these wheels son!



Peace OUTside

AE86: Wheels Update

Almost there! Minor tweaks left, on the tires and the rims!

Check it:

Peace OUTside

AE86: Wheels

A welcome change of pace. Should have these done this weekend along with the tires. Hold me to it guys!


Peace OUTside

AE86: Project Status

Ok at this point, I just have to finish the lights, maybe throw in a rear windshield and get started on the wheels and tires (which I might handle real soon! I need a change of page). What do you think?

Peace OUTside!

AE86: UPDATE (sorta)

It is an update made a little exhaust, probably not going to go into huge detail, I think this looks like fine. What do you think?


Peace OUTside

AE86: It’s all about the details

Updates! Also did you check out my django blog app?


Peace OUTside

AE 86: Update

I got a little sidetracked with Sleeping Dogs lol. Here are the door handles!

Peace OUTside

AE86: More details!

Did some more work on the rear. Going to attack the door handles next and then the Toyota badge on the rear.



Peace OUTside

AE86: Light update

Some progress since the last post.



Also, I attacked some btwist rounds at the gym. They felt easier than my original attempts, I might play around with it at the dojo.


Peace OUTside

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