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AE86: Done

As of this morning. This car is done. Will I model the pop up headlights? When the mood strikes me, but right now this car is finished and I will be focusing on rendering and a new project to be named soon a long with some other announcements.  Thank you for keeping up with this project all this time!

Peace OUTside

Edit: The portfolio has been updated!

AE86: A slightly better studio

Let me know what you think!

Peace OUTside

AE86: Studio Render Attempt

Let me know what you think. Really simple setup.



Peace OUTside

AE86: Almost…!

So yeah, um, I’m about to FINISH a 3d car project. DOPENESS. Here’s some more outdoor renders. I’m thinking of trying some studio renders, when the car is complete. Now I just need to tighten up some edges on the front bumper, and model some lightbulbs. And we’re done. I’m so happy.

Thank you for your support!

Peace OUTside

AE86: Not Much Left!

Yup. Just need to add some light bulbs. and a decent material for the windows (and keyholes). And I think I’ll be done. Wow. Check out these lame outdoor renders.

Peace OUTside

Thank you for your continued support.

AE86: Nother Render

Just a lil render before I finish the front signal lights.





Peace OUTside

AE86: Partial Render

I just wanted to see what the lights would look like. Whatchoo think?



Peace OUTside

AE86: Tail Light Re-Model Update & Other News

Tweaked the casing after finding some better references I think it looks good! What do you think?

In other news: Tuss4 Dzigns is going to be moving soon! Stay tuned.

Peace OUTside

AE86: Light Progress?

Yeah, but then I found better references. Check it out anyway:


Peace OUTside

AE86: Tail Light Glass Is Ready

Ahyup. Needs some slight tweaking to flow with the rest of the car though, but that can be done with “Show end result.” Thinking of finishing the rear lights and making a little license plate. What do YOU think?

I plan on the adjusting the outer wheels slightly so that they match the tires a little bit better. Getting closer and closer to the finish line, everyone!

Peace OUTside

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