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Peace OUTside


Check it. Don’t pay attention to those crappy cheat 9 attempts. I have to say there is nothing like being able to see yourself throw a technique. Makes it easier to figure out what to correct!

Thank you for your patience.


Peace OUTside

I Can Pop 720 For Realz

Yep. This ¬†week’s footage.

Peace OUT



Adventures In Butterfly Twisting

So yesterday, I wanted to drill standing butterfly twists. Here’s a clip with some of my attempts. I do believe that the one I want to land is attempt number 3 I have NEVER been that horizontal! Please enjoy!

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There Shall Be No Flippery Footage of Last Week

As the title says, there is no flippery footage of last week. The reason there is no footage is due to the fact that I didn’t feel like troubling anyone to record yours truly. However, expect some kick drilling footage soon!

Peace OUT

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Valentine’s Day Unreleased Front Flippery Footage

In case you were wondering why we were up to part 5 in the front flippery series (the first two videos were unlisted).

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Yes Consider That Front Flip Landed

This week’s footage starts out with an epic win!

WARNING: Turn your speakers down! My laugh is awful and LOUD.

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Just some training clips!

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